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LF Networking (LFN) brings together eight top networking projects to increase harmonization across platforms, communities, and ecosystems. The LFN projects address major industry challenges and through collaboration between end users, vendors, and developers, are transforming all aspects of the network and accelerating open source deployments: * Anuket ( ) : A common model, standardized reference infrastructure specifications, and conformance and performance frameworks for VNFs & CNFs * ( ) : Open source high-performance IO services framework for dynamic computing environments * ONAP ( ) : Design, creation, orchestration, monitoring and life cycle management of open source and commercial VNFs and legacy networks * OpenDaylight ( ) : Most deployed open source controller * PDNA ( ) : Scalable big data analytics platform for networks and services * SNAS ( ) : Distributed, low-footprint collector leveraging high performing message bus for real-time BGP predictive analytics * Tungsten Fabric ( ) : A software-defined network and security fabric built for rapid deployment at scale * XGVela ( ) : An open source cloud native PaaS for applications and telco network functions to enable new services.
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LFN Board Subcommittee

Direct Subcommittees of the LFN Board

  • LFN Compliance and Verification Committee
    Hello, Welcome to the mailing list for the LFN Compliance Program. Committee Charter: * The Compliance and Verification Committee (“C&V Committee”) is a members-driven committee within LF Networking that recommends policies and oversight for compliance and certification program to the Governing Board of LF Networking (“Governing Board”). * C&V Committee operates under the direction of the Governing Board and its recommendations are subject to approval by the Governing Board. The C&V Committee will meet by conference call, online conference or in face-to-face sessions. * Participation in the C&V Committee is open to members of LF Networking, and the target makeup of the C&V Committee is to include a balance of representatives with active testing To get involved, please see the details in the CVC home page ( ) Regards, LCVC
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LFN Techinical Advisory Council & workgoups

  • LFN Infrastructure Workgroup
    This list will serve as the LF Networking TAC's Infrastructure Working Group mailing list.
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  • LFN ODL - ONAP Collaboration
    List for collaboration and alignment discussions regarding upstream-downstream relationships between OpenDaylight and ONAP. This is an open list that anyone may join.
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  • LFN Technical Advisory Council
    Hello, Welcome to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) public email list. The role of the TAC is to facilitate communication and collaboration among the Technical Projects in LFN. More information: * TAC meeting ( ) Regards, The TAC
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LFN End User Advisory Group

  • euag-info
    End User Advisory Group membership inquiries and application submissions The EUAG provides advisory feedback to the LFN. You can read the minutes and find out more about the EUAG here ( ).
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  • LFN End User Advisory Group
    Hello, Welcome to the LF Networking End User Advisory Group (EUAG) membership list.  The Governing Board of LFN has established the End User Advisory Group to assist and support LFN.  The LFN-EUAG is made of individuals from end-user organizations, including telecommunications carriers, cable operators, network, application, compute or storage service providers. Participation in the list requires a signed individual agreement. More information: * You can learn more about the EUAG here ( ). Regards, The EUAG
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  • inclusive-lang-wg
    Diversity and Language inclusion Working Group
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  • LFN Community Leadership
    A collection of leadership (chair/vice-chairs) from the LFN communities and committees
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  • LFN Community Demo
    Welcome to the LFN Community Demo mail group! The goals of LFN Community Demos are to: * Demonstrate the power of the LFN projects for critical industry use cases * Highlight cross-project integration points * Provide thought leadership around up and coming technologies * Create collaboration opportunities for LFN members to solve challenges together * Showcase LFN Member demo contributions
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  • lfn-securitywg
    LFN Security Working Group and Collaboration List
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  • LFN Technical Event Virtualization Planning Committee
    LFN Technical Event Virtualization Planning Committee - Group responsible for shaping the future of virtualized LFN technical community events.
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