LF Networking (LFN) brings together top networking projects to increase harmonization across platforms, communities, and ecosystems. The LFN projects address major industry challenges and through collaboration between end users, vendors, and developers, are transforming all aspects of the network and accelerating open source deployments:
  • Anuket: A common model, standardized reference infrastructure specifications, and conformance and performance frameworks for VNFs & CNFs
  • EMCO: (Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestrator), orchestrates Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and edge
  • Open source high-performance IO services framework for dynamic computing environments
  • L3AF: Cpmplete lifecycle management of eBPF programs in the kernel
  • ONAP: Design, creation, orchestration, monitoring and life cycle management of open source and commercial VNFs and legacy networks
  • OpenDaylight: Most deployed open source controller
  • Tungsten Fabric: A software-defined network and security fabric built for rapid deployment at scale
  • XGVela: An open source cloud native PaaS for applications and telco network functions to enable new services.
  • 5G Super Blueprint: community-driven integration and proof of concept involving multiple open source initiatives in order to show end-to-end use cases demonstrating implementation architectures for end users. The 5G Super Blueprint covers RAN, Edge, and Core and enable solutions for enterprises and verticals, large institutional organizations, and more

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