Action Items to complete by Monday June 15

Casey Cain

Hello, team.

Here is our list of action items that we need to finish before Monday, June 15th.

Update the calendar with the following information:
  • Who will be hosting the session
  • Topic details
    • Work with session leaders to ensure max context.  Feel free to add images, files and presentations directly to the calendar.
  • Any slides or files
  • Zoom Links
    • Host codes send to topic leaders
  • Link to any minutes or etherpad pages
  • Distribute the "modify" link to topic leaders so that they can manage their topic in the calendar.
  • If we want to schedule "Tracks" that are outside of the "OPNFV", "ONAP" "Cross-Community", please let me know what you want to call those tracks by End of Business Friday June 12th, so that I can program them into the calendar as soon as possible.
    • We can have up to 10 custom fields for the calendar including "single line" or "Choices" with a list of selectable custom options that we can filter the calendar by.
An optional thing that we can do to improve the experience is to do the following:
  1. Create the event in the calendar with all necessary information, links, etc 
  2. Click the "Share" button
  3. Chose "As a Page"
  4. Copy URL (example)
  5. Post the URL in the Topic Proposals page
From the minutes, we also have the following action items:

Casey Cain look at providing a more "track-like" display for schedule  
Kenny Paul set up bridges 
Kenny Paul distribute info to session hosts for bridge access 
Heather Kirksey reach out to one of the TPMs to reach out to the Insights team to give a presentation

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