LFN vDTF Post Mortem for Program Committee

Perala, Timo (Nokia - FI/Espoo)

Hello Program Committee,


I will be OoO the month of July and will not attend Program Committee calls this month.

I assume there will be post mortem discussion in one of the calls, wanted to provide my 5 euro cents, too.


Overall to me everything seemed to work smoothly, thanks a million to Kenny and Casey for taking care of the event and the community!


TeamUp was a huge improvement to the wiki based large schedule table. Everyone says so 😊. Thanks Casey for proposing the tool and making sure with the TeamUp team that it worked for us so well, including the time zone appearance.

One improvement proposal. It would be great if fields for zoom links and notes pages would actually be clickable links. Now I had to copy the url to browser address field by hand. Of course there’s always the chance it is just me and all it takes is me to learn the tool better. In that case happy to be educated.


For the benefit of the next LFN community event planning committee, I think it would be great if all the aspects that have impact on when the schedule shall be ready/published (e.g. marketing timelines) are shared early on during the planning cycle.

Remember there may be new folks involved and they are not born with all that knowledge. Would make everyone’s life easier when all that info is shared upfront or as soon as known.


My last point is specific to ONAP community event program planning. I.e. the specific subset of the LFN event that is ONAP specific. With the understanding that ultimately it is ONAP community (and TSC) decision what type of event program best serves the community.

For the f2f spring and fall events that were collocated with ONS/ONES summits, the program was naturally geared towards subcommittees’ topics, which are most of the time by nature more cross-community topics. In summer and winter developer events the topics were more on individual ONAP project specific issues, or could be even addressing a task within an ONAP project. Of course there could be subcommittee sessions if there were topical issues at the time.

IMO we somewhat lost that focus this time, this event’s ONAP program felt more like a mixed bag. Focus might help to build the program for the event (less need for multiple parallel sessions), and might also make it easier for audience to orientate for the event. Obviously the focus or theme could be something else than having emphasis either on “subcommittees topics” or on “project specific topics”, but coming up with a theme could be helpful.

It is also clear the phase of the current release has impact on what would be appropriate focus of the event program.


Have a nice summer all!







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