[TAC-public] [TAO] LFN TAC Technical Advisory Office proposal

Haiby, Ranny (Samsung)

Hello TAC members and LFN community at large,


It is time to kick-off the activity of the Technical Advisory Office (TAO) as agreed by the TAC.

The first step would be collecting requests for support from the various projects. The TAO will then identify the projects that may provide assistance.

You may add a request for support in the newly created TAO main page on the LFN wiki:

Or by simply posting your request to the TAC mailing list with a [TAO] tag.


(If you have some issue and are not sure if it is a good candidate for a TAO issue, please feel free to contact me directly and we can further analyze it together.)







From: Ranny Haiby <ranny.haiby@...>
Date: Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 10:32 AM
To: "TAC@..." <TAC@...>
Subject: [TAC-public] LFN TAC Technical Advisory Office proposal


Dear TAC members,


Recently, Jason, our TSC chair initiated a thought process for better defining the roles of the LFN TAC.

As part of this process, I created the proposal of the Technical Advisory Office, that will drive the sharing of technical expertise between LFN projects. The main goal is to leverage solutions created in certain projects for addressing problems of other projects.


The proposal was reviewed by the TAC this week and there is agreement to continue working on the proposal and its implementation. I would like to open it to broader review in the community. I would appreciate it if you could have members of your projects review the proposal and make comments, suggestions for improvements, etc.


The proposal is at:


Please use Confluence comments, edits, or whatever you see fit for collaborating on this.