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Jason Hunt

Thank you for your submission to LF Networking & for your team's time in preparing these materials.
TAC Members,
We will be reviewing the the induction proposal for ODIM during this Wednesday March 10's TAC meeting at 1500 UTC.  We will have a 15 minute presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A.
I strongly encourage all of you, in your role as TAC members, to review the materials linked below prior to the meeting.  Ideally, send any questions/comments as a reply-all to this email, so we can address them prior to the meeting.
As a reminder, there are just two basic criteria for induction as a sandbox project:
1) documented governance that is clear, complete, and easily and obviously accessible
2) project scope that is within the scope of the LFN
I've pasted and linked the full text of the criteria below.
Thank you for your participation in the TAC.

Jason Hunt
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Criteria for TAC LFN Admission Review

Mandatory criteria for successful completion of the LFN Entry Review is documented governance that is clear, complete, and easily and obviously accessible (such as a link from of the project's main page). That governance must minimally specify:

  • Project Roles.
  • How people come to fill project roles.
  • How people are removed from project roles.
  • Who currently fills all project roles.
  • How disputes are definitively resolved (usually by majority vote).
  • How governance evolves over time.
  • What is the top-level technical decision-making body for the project, analogous to a TSC, to which the TAC should look for interfaces?

Additionally, the review will confirm that the incoming project scope is within the scope of the LFN.

Outcome for TAC LFN Admission Review

As an outcome of the TAC's LFN Entry Review, the TAC will provide the following feedback to the LFN Governing Board for use as input to the LFN Board's LFN Entry Review:

  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendation to accept the project into LFN or not.

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The ODIM community is a bold collaborative open source initiative to bring together a critical mass of physical infrastructure management and infrastructure/service orchestration stakeholders to define and execute collaborative work focused on creating new critical open source building blocks, in areas such as composition, aggregation and telemetry, define new models and APIs, as well as influence key extensions to the DMTF Redfish® specifications that ODIM builds upon. This community will coordinate with other key SDOs and open source communities, with a focus on automation, simplification, consistency and interoperability of COTS and OSS infrastructure management solutions resulting in acceleration of infrastructure deployments across segments, while lowering operational complexity and cost.


Since June of 2020 ODIM has been an unfunded LF project and has been steadily building a robust and diverse community. Release 20.01 was released in January 2021, and the next release is on target for August 2021.


This email is formal request for LFN induction review, as a Sandbox project, during the March 10, 2021 Technical Advisory Council (TAC) meeting. The Project Induction Proposal Material is provided for your review.


We look forward to a discussion with the LFN TAC on March 10.




Alex Vul

ODIM Project TAC representative





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