LFN Technical Whitepaper 2021 - Call For Participation

Haiby, Ranny (Samsung) <ranny.haiby@...>

TAC Members – please forward this information to your community members.


Hello LFN communities,


Following the success of last year’s LFN technical whitepaper, we have kicked-off the process of creating the next one.

This year’s whitepaper should continue to share our vision with a broader industry audience, drive adoption of our software and bring on more players to the game.


The theme for the paper is still open for decision and we are looking for contributors.


Based on previous experience contributors can invest as little or as much as they see fit. As a contributor you will benefit from collaborating with other experts in the community and spreading your ideas. You will of course get credit as an author. You don’t have to be a member of any project or committee to contribute. Participation is open for all.


If you would like to participate or propose a theme, please add your name on this page:





Ranny Haiby

Interim Whitepaper workgroup leader.



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