ODP: [lfn-securitywg] Java SBOM requirements?

Pawel Pawlak

We have in ONAP SECCOM already a work done in SBOMs.
Please check this Wiki: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Software+Bill+of+Materials

If you would have any questions, please don't hesitate to come back to me. We may have a zoom session organized with leader for this topic.
Best regards

Paweł Pawlak | Product Owner | ONAP SECCOM Chair

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Hello everyone,

what is the LFN plan for SBOM use cases and baseline security requirements?

For OpenDaylight, this boils down to setting down a default policy that will do The Right Thing(tm) in odlparent. I would implement it in a heartbeat, except I am at a loss as to what exactly is it I should provide.