Input Needed: LFN Security White Paper

Jill Lovato

Hello LFN Security Working Group,

As you may be aware, we are curating a "white paper" that outlines what LFN / projects are doing to address cybersecurity. This includes information on the security committees/subcommittees; the LFX Dashboard; OpenSSF Badging; and SBOMs. The goal is to publish this during MWC. 

Please take a look at the current draft - there are some missing pieces (particularly regarding SBOMs) that we'd love for this group to help with. Please also call out any other topics/areas that should be included (e.g., project-specific strategies). 

Many thanks in advance for input by next Wednesday, February 23. 

Let us know if there are questions. 


Jill Lovato
Senior PR Manager
The Linux Foundation
Phone: +1.503.703.8268